Early Years Pupil Premium



Spring Term – January 2023 to April 2023

This term we have focussed on PSED for our two EYPP children, both children have emotional difficulties, and we feel that by focussing in small group work situations we will be able to build their self-esteem and develop situations for them to have more one on one situations to talk and discuss feelings.

As both children like the outdoor environment and enjoy learning outside we have made the decision to start a small gardening club. We have sourced pallets and have them made into a planting frame and then purchased pots and brackets to hang from the framework so that the children can start from the very beginning growing, nurturing and eventually tasting their own produce.

Autumn Term 2023

This term our EYPP funding has been spent on additional extra-curricular activities. The Day Nursery has employed a sports coach as we feel this would help the children improve their Personal, Social and Emotional development, physical development, mathematical development and communication and language whilst focussing on extending their ability to remain focused at activities.  

Our EYPP children are progressing at their expected level of development so an all-rounded approach was felt better to extend and aid development in all areas.

Our focus is on the areas of being able to adapt behaviour to different events, social situations, and routines, being spatially aware of themselves and others.

The sports sessions, whilst nurturing the children’s ability to remain focussed on the tasks at hand, will also teach them how to follow instruction and be aware of others around them.  Time spent crouching, bending, stretching and jumping will continue to develop the children’s physical strength and therefore aid positive mental health in all pupils.

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