Early Years Pupil Premium - 2017



September 2017

This term we have decided to continue with our subscription to Education City on our computer tables. The Computer Table software is a great way of engaging small groups of children in fun learning activities with the added bonus of teaching children how to use touch screen computers. The computer tables have had a big impact on children who need support with turn taking and sharing resources.

Using the EYPP money we also decided to help develop the children’s imagination by buying the ‘Princesses, Dragons and Helicopter Stories’ by Trisha Lee. This book is a wonderful tool in which practitioners can help to add another dimension to learning through play and be active in developing a play. Children can scribble down their tales and then bring their ideas to life by acting them out. This approach gives the children the time to develop imagination and also the confidence to take part in a group while activity.

The children have all thoroughly enjoyed relishing in the new resources purchased to support literacy, including the popular Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson, along with puppets, card games and the CD Story. Stories published by Julia Donaldson are a wonderful way of introducing things such as Rhyming couplets and children love learning the words to join in and tell the story themselves.

April 2017

This term we will be concentrating on ensuring our children are School Ready, we have recently been in contact with local schools and have been reading all up to date best practice and guidance documents and checklists to ensure that the children from The Day Nursery have the best start to their school education. We have highlighted that some of our EYPP children will require some additional support over the coming months to ensure that they are fully prepared for School. We have decided to work alongside all of the parents by offering information sheets and activity ideas of how they can support School Readiness and we will be carrying out fun activities in nursery to ensure the children are receiving a wholesome learning experience at nursery and at home. We will be informing families of local events and groups that they may wish to attend to further support and learning.

We will be focusing a lot of our activities around supporting the children’s independence such as putting on their own coat and shoes and ensuring that the children are able to serve their own food at meal times. We will support this by changing our home corner to a ‘Going to School’ theme, with various school coloured PE kits, polo shirts, dresses, skirts and trousers which are readily available for children to try on independently. We will also be enhancing our mealtime experience by getting more trays, jugs, serving equipment for meal times, so the children can pour water and serve food at each individual table. We will also be encouraging parents to ensure that children are having a go at dressing themselves at home, and ask parents to ensure the children put on coats or shoes independently before they leave nursery to go home.

The Early Years Pupil Premium Co-ordinator will be working alongside the relevant key persons to ensure that the EYPP children have suitable next steps in line with our School Readiness strategy and in turn we will be informing the parents with information on how they can also support the children’s learning and independence at home.

January 2017

This term we decided to continue with our subscription to Education City, this has been a valuable learning tool for the children which has helped develop ICT Skills, turn taking and has improved the children’s learning in Maths and English. Maths and English continues to be a key focus of support for all of our EYPP children as we want to ensure they receive the best possible start to their education before attending Reception classes in September.

Education City offers a range of activities and games that support the children’s education, learning and memory. They are interactive and can be played independently or as a small group. We ensure that the children access the Computer Table for ‘Key Group Time’ as part of the daily routine so each child has a fair opportunity to use the equipment and learn new skills.

A member of pre-school staff has attended the ‘Letters and Sounds’ local authority training course to ensure that we are up to date with the latest teaching techniques and information, so we can enhance our practice and further support the children with learning Letters and Phonics. These skills are going to be extremely valuable to the children ensuring they are prepared for School in September.