Early Years Pupil Premium



Spring Term – January 2022 to April 2022

Our EYPP this term was spent on extending maths into the environment. Our children will be moving on to school in September 2023 and with this in mind we want to focus on developing their finer motor skills, these will be needed for writing when the children begin letter formation.  The nursery purchased a selection of resources to help in these areas, such as; wooden lacing and threading shapes, the threading shapes will help with hand eye coordination and the development of the hand muscles needed to weave the thread.

Connetix magnetic tiles used to build and balance, these will promote numerous learning opportunities as the children will be introduced to shapes, colours, the idea of balance and having to manipulate the shapes to reach their desired effect when building something of their own choosing.

Jacques of London fractions, introducing the children to the concept of multiplication, adding and subtracting from one thing.  

Spin and read phonics wooden reading blocks, to familiarise the children with letters used in everyday language and help them understand the sound of letters when used daily.

Summer Term – April 2022 to August 2022

Looking at gaps in learning for our children in receipt of EYPP, we decided to focus on the home corner. Our home corner is a wonderful space for developing strong and rich language, the children enjoy a variety of learning experiences, language and communication, mathematical understanding when they fill, size, empty and sort, social interaction amongst their peers and physical development whilst they tip and pour, empty and fill, grip and squeeze.

Children are able to mimic adults and copy tasks they see in real life, they can trial and error and test out theories developing their problem-solving skills whilst playing and developing socially, all important aspects for life at school when they transition.  The nursery used the funding to purchase a variety of tea sets, cooking utensils, baking equipment and foods to enhance the home corner.

Winter Term – September 2022 to December 2022

This term we have identified the impact that trauma-based experiences can have on children. If children experience adversity in their childhood, then they are at higher risk of being affected by poor wellbeing and ill health in their adolescent years. All of the educators at the Day Nursery have completed the ACES training to help identify traumas and know how to best help the children identified as having been affected by them.

The rest of the budget was spent on a lightbox table to encourage the development of a wide range of skills, including fine motor development, hand-eye coordination, pre-writing skills, colour recognition, the effect of light and so much more in preparation of school.

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