Early Years Pupil Premium



September 2018

This term we have focussed on restocking some supplies for the Preschool Room, based around our children’s interests. We wanted to prompt more thoughtful conversation with our children, engaging thinking about the world. We will be promoting conversation using our Conversation dice which practitioners will be able to read with the children to ask questions, these will be used alongside the conversation cards we have created for the table at meal times, children will be able to look at pictures and use these as a tool to be curious and inquisitive about what they can see and what their thoughts are.

Having these different resources added to our stocks will give us the opportunity to teach the children in new and different ways. We have further enhance our Home Learning Packs with the addition of books such as Handa’s Surprise, Hairy Maclairy and Girraffes can’t dance. These books have additional supporting activities that children can take home and do with parents to promote further Home Learning.
These ideas have been shared with parents in form of a short meeting or written letter, so all families’ area aware of how Pupil Premium is impacting the children’s learning and development.

April 2018

We have decided to buy a Noodle Now package, so we can further train the staff to ensure we are continuing to deliver the highest quality of childcare and supporting the children who have EYPP effectively. Noodle Now offers a range of different training opportunities such as, Speech and Language, Encouraging Positive Behaviour, Motivating Boys.

We have also worked closely with one of our EYPP families, who have had a low attendance and supported this family in improving attendance and have found the opportunity for other family members to also attend our setting to help ease the pressure of the Family.
We are very pleased to have seen an improvement in the children who we initially identified as requiring support with Speech and Language and the results and development of these children prior to attending Primary School in September. We shared Elkan Speech and Language strategies with parents to help advise them on how they can support children.

January 2018

This term we have been focusing on supporting families, to ensure children are school ready. To do this we have been taking the children on outings to the Local Authority School Readiness workshops held at the Queensgate shopping centre. We have been engaging with families to ensure that children are attending session regularly prior to them attending school, aiming to improve attendance of those who have not been attending the nursery for long sessions and supporting them with costs of nursery lunch and uniforms to help them feel further included within the setting.

A couple of the EYPP children have required support with Speech and Language, so we have been focusing on ensuring these children carry out activities during the sessions they attend, to complete short tasks that support speech and communication. We have invested our time in seeking out resources that can be used within the setting to support the children, such as Elkan Early Language Builders. This information was passed onto practitioners and we are looking into further training opportunities for all of the staff in regards to Speech and Language.