Early Years Pupil Premium



Autumn Term – September to December 2019

This term some of the EYPP money was used to for an Independent Speech and Language Therapist to come into nursery to provide staff training on speech and language development.

The Speech and Language therapist provided the staff with strategies in regards speech and language development.  Staff have been taught about what is expected for the different age groups across the nursery and how to identify if children are behind with their development. When evaluating the training provided with the staff, they have said it has been useful to have strategies refreshed with to them as a group and have also valued the tools they have been given, which can be used to assess whether they feel a child requires support. This has made it easier for them to identify any other children in the nursery who may need additional support in a quick and efficient manner.  The Training session has been extremely beneficial for the staff and all children within the nursery.

Parents have been supported to access the drop-in clinics in the local area,  in order to access initial support at home.

This term, we have also identified that our small group of EYPP children would benefit from accessing the healthy and nutritious meals we offer at nursery, this was to help this group of children feel more included at mealtimes and to ensure that they would be able to attend regularly without the pressure on parents to provide a packed lunch or pay for a meal cost. We have already seen a brilliant benefit of this, as one child is now enjoying a wider variety of foods, which she hasn’t tried at home which has come as a great surprise to the parent.

Summer Term – April to August 2019

This Term we will be extending our Maths and Literacy theme onto our Garden. After taking on the Curiosity Approach accreditation, this area will be our final step to making our garden as engaging as possible for the children. After assessing the children’s needs, we believed making the outside more engaging with these resources, would help boost the learning of the group. Our aim is to include a Bendy House with a Maths and Literacy area outside, we will stock this with an area to look at books and draw at the table, using a variety of mark making tools. We have also added a larger set of weighing scales, so children can weigh larger items outside, either from the sandpit or mud kitchen.

So far, we have had really positive feedback from the parents about the changes we have made to our garden area, as it now has more to offer the children in range of activity availability. Staff are able to take our new Orchard Toy Games from the lending library and out into the garden, this has inspired our children to ask parents to take the games home to play too.

Spring Term – January to March 2019

To continue the development of our Early Years Pupil Premium Cohort we wanted to extend the progress that we had made from the previous term by continuing with Literacy support. Therefore, this term we supported our staff via online training courses on Noodle Now. All Preschool Staff had the opportunity to carry out the Maths and Literacy in Early Years online. The Maths and Literacy in Early Years course examines many aspects within these two important Specific Areas of learning. It also explores practical opportunities, ideas and suggestions, that practitioners can try. The training also reaffirmed the strong practices of the staff in the preschool room and helped to reinvigorate activities and practice within the room. Raising the awareness of how we can incorporate maths into everyday activities.

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