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“ Caring as much as you do for your children and always going the extra mile for Early Years Education ”

Early Years Pupil Premium

After using our monitoring tools to view our children’s progress it came to our attention that a significant amount of our EYPP children required extra support with ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Understanding the World’, using this information our aim for bridging the gap this term was to focus on these areas by improving our Maths areas, we did this by buying new resources such or our maths areas attribute shapes, number builders, weights, scales and new counting cubes.


These resources have been used during adult activities and have helped to re-engage the children in taking part in sessions that will support them academically before starting school in September.

We have ordered new physical activities that support mathematical learning for the children who are more active and have lots of energy to burn, these things include colour and shape mats, hill tops, river stones, number bean bags and a motor skills play set, which will all support the children develop problem solving skills.


To improve the children’s ‘Understanding the World’, we wanted to promote the opportunity for them to engage in more open conversations using poster pictures, puzzles and books about different ways of life and important professions. Our ‘Small World’ and ‘Maths’ areas will also be benefit from new tuff tray inserts to make the areas more comfortable and inviting for free play with friends.


EYPP Spending

April 2015

For our 1st Pupil Premium term we looked at the children’s development and identified that children who were eligible for EYPP required further support with Literacy, Communication and Language in the Early Years Foundation Stage. We discussed ways in which we could further engage the children, by holding short meetings with parents who were able to pop in for a discussion. As a result of the information we gathered we improved the resources available to the children for Communication and Language by buying educational board games.
We also revamped our mark making area by making a clear identifiable space in one room, stocking the area with wipeable letter worksheets, name cards and pencil cases and pens that were themed around super heroes and princesses, as this was a main interest with all of the children. This helped to re-engage the children in wanting to make marks, practise letters and aid them in learning to write their name using the printed name cards.
For our children who have English as an additional language, it was important for us that we focused on improving communication barriers, this was greatly supported with the use of ‘Talking Pens’ accompanied with Lithuanian and Portuguese books. This will be a resource that can be used again and again, as we can buy various books of different languages when we require them for future children who are eligible for EYPP.
Other resources for this term included educational games, such as ‘shape dinosaurs’, ‘ten green bottles’, ‘shut the box’, ‘rhyming tubs’ and new books all of which we are able to use during key group times.


September 2015

For this term after looking at the children’s development we decided to look at the resources available to the children that where electronic. We decided to buy Bee Bots and the mats, so children could programme and learn how to input information into the bots, to send them on a short journey to a set destination on the mat.
Some of the children required support with staying focused at activities, so we bought some fun soundtracks games, in which we supported those children to play in small groups.
We have two children whose parents are expecting a new baby to arrive. We wanted to focus individual support for those children by providing ‘new baby’ books to read either at home or at nursery. If they were able to read with practitioners they could discuss any changes that may happen to the family when they became a brother or sister. The children really enjoyed sharing these books with their friends and spoke openly and excitedly in anticipation of the new arrivals, when the books where brought out to read.
After conversations with a majority of Pupil Premium parents, it was brought to our attention that some eligible children hadn’t had the opportunity to experience visiting different animals. We spoke to Zoo Lab who very kindly did a Christmas themed class, where they let the children handle and look at a variety of animals. Some parents came in to share the experience with their children. This is definitely something that we look at doing again, as the impact on the children was great and they were able to reflect and remember their fun experience.

“It was so nice that my little boy could have the opportunity to see such interesting animals at his nursery. I have never been able to take him to a zoo or to a farm, he has been so excited to tell us about the tree frog and how it could stick to the wall!” - Pupil Premium Parent


January 2016

After analysing the children’s learning and development using our monitoring tool we identified that we needed to focus on supporting the children with Mathematics. We decided to resource our maths area with new things such as numbered lacing beads, metric weights and scales, attribute shapes, numbered bean bags and numbered locks and keys. We wanted to buy these resources so that practitioners could plan suitable activities that supported number and shape recognition and counting beyond ten. We hoped that getting lacing beads would encourage more fine motor skills and the number bean bags would encourage more gross motor number themed activities. We also felt that completing circuits before activities where children sat down would help let the children burn off any excess energy before sitting down to do a group activity.


April 2016

To help prepare the children with the transition to school, we bought various different colours of school uniforms, including summer dresses, trousers, polo tops, PE kits and book bags for our role play area. This really excited the children to get dressed and encourage some of our transition to school checklist points, such as doing up buttons. The children have been able to talk freely about their school and teachers and what colour uniform they could be wearing.
We created home learning packs thanks to EYPP, the packs included, a phonics book, a wipeable white board, wipeable pen, cleaning sponge, reusable activity worksheets and games. The worksheets are varied between maths activities and literacy or phonics activities. All of the children who are EYPP have been encouraged to take a pack home, so they can extend their learning in the home environment. Also practitioners can use them with the children on a one to one activity basis.

“The packs have been really good, I was able to take one home and then have a go at them with my little girl. It has been nice to do something that will support her education at home with her” - Pupil Premium Parent.

We decided after the success of our Zoo Lab visit that we would plan something around the children’s love and interest of digging and dinosaurs, by inviting ‘Fossils Galore’ to come into nursery to talk about fossils and provide the opportunity for the children to search and find their own treasures in the ground. This took place on 21st June 2016. Parents were asked if they wanted to attend the session, so they could share and enjoy the activity with their children. We had several parents who came to join in. The children all used brushes in sand to find fossils and got to keep 3 of their discoveries!


September 2016

After looking closely at the children’s individual needs, we identified that we would spend the funding on the following things to support the children.
We wanted to ensure that the children are being offered enough opportunities to learn and improve their development in ‘Understanding the World’ and instil the importance of ‘British Values’ by learning more about different cultures. Therefore we improved our resources by buying a diverse range of books about different cultures, stories that have been written in dual languages and also stories that show inclusiveness of those with disabilities. The books are being used for different cultural holidays such as ‘Diwali’ in October for children to look at and discuss freely or during circle time. This has been a great way of enhancing the experiences and knowledge of the children to different cultures and backgrounds and has encouraged inclusiveness between the children and their peers.
In November, to continue to support the children’s learning of mathematics and phonics, we bought a special online package with the NDNA in which each team member from the Preschool room are able to learn how to engage the children more effectively, during maths and phonics activities. We decided that being able to support each practitioner in Preschool to develop there mathematics and phonic skills would have more of a positive and wholesome impact on the children’s learning. We are looking forward to tracking the children’s work to show there progression and learning ready for next term




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